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Lhuillier Emmanuel

JPEG Research scientist - CR CNRS
orcid ID:0000-0003-2582-1422
33(0)1 44 27 82 37

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News :

  • PAPER : We investigate the use of QD based solar cell for near IR active detection. We demonstrate the possibility to make long range (>150 m) detection and pulsed mode detection with time response down to 10 ns. This work is now accepted in ACS photonics.
  • PAPER : Our paper in collaboration with G. Vincent at Onera reports about absorption enhancement in PbS and HgTe photoconductive device using guided mode resonator, paper is now accepted in ACS photonics.
  • PAPER : we report about imaging system based on HgTe quantum dots in the SWIR, with VGA format and high speed frame rate, paper is now pusblished in ACS Applied Materials and interfaces.


Images of some devices

Keywords : nanocrystal, quantum dot, low dimension, infrared, optoelectronic, photodetection, transport, semimetal, narrow band gap, 2D, mercury chalcogenides


TEM image of colloidal nanocrystals