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Photonics and coherence of spin

Understanding and controlling the energy and phase relaxation dynamics of spins and excitons in semiconducting nanostructures is the twofold objective of the team. The studied nanostructures are of various natures and consist of model systems which are, in part, made of original materials recently shaped at the nanometric scale, which properties remain to be explored. The aimed functionalities or expected applications are in the field of quantum technology and encompass for instance, the control of coherent transport of excitons through supramolecular assemblies or the generation and manipulation of qubits. In the considered systems the coupling of the elementary excitations with the lattice vibrations or the influence of the electrostatic environment have often important and detrimental effects such as the opening of non radiative channels, or more generally the rapid dephasing of quantum states. Our studies hence also aim at a better knowledge of how the nanostructure - environment coupling may operate and how it may be controlled so as to preserve the quantum properties.