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Pluchery Olivier

  • Associate Professor at University Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC), Sorbonne Universités / Maître de conférences de l’université Pierre et Marie Curie-Sorbonne universités
  • Agrégé de physique
  • Accreditation for supervising research / Habilité à diriger des recherches (HDR en juin 2010)
  • Member of the group / Membre de l’équipe physico-chimie et dynamique des surfaces de l’INSP

Physical address / Localisation

Institut des NanoSciences de Paris
Barre 22-12, 4e étage, bureau 403
4 Place Jussieu, boîte courrier 840
75252 Paris Cedex 05
Tél. : 33(0)1 44 27 94 10

Publication list / Publications

Current research interest

Blocage de Coulomb dans une nanoparticule d'or {PNG} 1. Gold nanoparticles and molecular electronics. I am interested in understanding how electric charges are driven within nanoparticles. Gold nanoparticles serve as ultra-small electron dispensers and make possible the control of electric current with the accuracy of a single electron (Coulomb blockade). The challenge is to fabricate reproducible architectures where gold nanoparticles of diameters between 5 and 10 nm are deposited on top of a molecular layer which plays the role of an insulating layer (tunnel barrier) and which is grafted on a silicon substrate. The experimental study is carried out in ultra-high vacuum with a STM (Scanning Tunnel Microscope). The number of charges stored by individual nanoparticles was also measured in air with KPFM (Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy). Our group has recently purchased a state-of-the-art KPFM.

Read a 3 pages summary published in SPIE Newsroom. Gold nanoparticles to drive single-electron currents

I have developed close collaborations with various groups worldwide : Yves J. Chabal (University of Texas at Dallas), Philippe Dollfus (Université Paris-Sud), Miquel Salmeron (University of California Berkeley), A-F Lamic-Humblot (chemistry department at UPMC), François Rochet (chemistry department at UPMC).

Other research topics

2. Linear and nonlinear optical response of gold nanoparticles. I am interested in understanding how the optical properties due to the plasmon resonance can be used to enhance the sensitivity of nanoparticles to their molecular environment and make them ultra sensitive nano-sensors.

3. Molecular reactivity on surfaces. I am investigating the mechanism at play when a chemical bond is created between a silicon substrate and some organic molecules (see video 2 « Adsorption of the phenylacetylene », on the video page)

Organic molecule deposited on silicon

Highlights published on INSP website (in French) / Faits d’actualités publiés sur le site de l’INSP

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