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Collisions Ion Lent - Ion Rapide/Slow Ion Collisions

Fast Ion - Slow Ion Collisions (FISIC) :

The FISIC project, which will be implemented in S3 at SPIRAL2 in Caen is dedicated to Atomic Physics of ion-ion collisions, which is one of the most wide-spread phenomena in the universe and the least studied in laboratory. The project concerns the remaining open question of energy deposition by ionic species in matter that takes place in irradiated materials when the ion stopping power is at its maximum. The high intensity stable beams expected at SPIRAL2 should allow to explore new states of matter under extreme conditions leading to important outcomes like a better understanding of the energy transfer in hot plasmas as well as of the elementary mechanisms responsible for material damages. Led by the INSP team, this project is supported by a European collaboration involving CIMAP (France), GSI (Germany), KVI (Netherlands) and PANTECHNIK Company. The year 2010 was mainly dedicated to the integration of FISIC in S3 by examining the technical and experimental aspects through several meetings organized in Caen (January), in Paris (October) and in Saclay (December). As such the INSP team got involved in a demand called “equipment of excellence” (EQUIPEX S3) which has been qualified by the Ministry of Research.


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