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Nanostructures and optics


Contacts : Eric Charron, Willy Daney de Marcillac

Double-goniometer with optical fibers, developed at the laboratory and coupled to a spectrophotometric system in order to perform angle-resolved spectral measurements of transmission and diffuse reflection of a given material.

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Technical characteristics : This instrument is constituted of the following parts :

Double goniometer

  • An emission arm with collimating optics in order to illuminate the sample with a parallel beam of variable incidence (0 à 90°). Beam diameter : 6 mm. Lens focal length : 12.7 mm. Diameter : 6.35 mm.
  • A detection arm, optically similar to the emission arm, coupled to 2 dc motors (Schneeberger) in order to detect the light scattered from the sample in zenithal and azimutal directions (angular range available : about 30°, collection solid angle : 0.0188str).
  • Sample holder for sample size from 10mm*10mm to 40mm*40mm.
  • Two optical fibers to couple these 2 arms to a spectrophotometric system : numerical aperture 0.22, core diameter 600 µm, length 1m.

Illumination and detection system :

  • A deuterium-halogen lamp (Avantes), spectral range 215-1500nm.
  • A double spectrophotometer (Avantes), spectral range : 200- 1100nm ; 2 gratings : 600lines/mm ; slit 25µm ; resolution 1.5 nm.
  • Detection : CCD, 2048 pixels ; convertor A/N 12bit, 1Mhz