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Nanostructures and optics

Study of single nanocrystals

Colloidal nanocrystals are crystalline spheres of a few nanometers, sometimes protected by a shell in order to improve their optical properties. They are very bright and stable emitters and their emission wavelength can be chosen over the whole visible range through the parameters of chemical synthesis (fig. 1a), and their optical properties compare to those of an « artifical atom ».

We collaborate with the group of Benoît Dubertret at the ESPCI (Paris) which studies the synthesis of high quality nanocrystals emitting in the red-near infrared and the optimization of the nanocrystals shell in order to suppress their blinking. We also work with the group of Pham Thu Nga at the IMS (Hanoi). We perform ensemble measurements (emission and absorption spectra, decay curves, quantum yield, low temperature measurements) (fig. 1b) as well as studies on single nanocrystals with a confocal microscope (blinking, single-photon emission, coherence and spectral diffusion (collaboration J.-P. Hermier, GEMaC)...) (fig. 1c).

Fig. 1 : Fluorescence of nanocrystals of CdTeSe synthesized at the ESPCI (left sample) et de CdSe/ZnS synthétisés à l’IMS (3 samples on the right, corresponding to 3 different nanocrystals sizes), illuminated by a UV lamp. (b) Emisison spectra of ensemble of nanocrystals from the IMS at various temperatures. (c) Intensity fluctuations (blinking) of a single nanocrystal from IMS with and without ZnS shell.


In the perspective of coupling a nano-emitter to a photonic structure, the knowledge of the emitter orientation is necessary. It is also necessary to determine whether light emission originates from a single dipole or from an incoherent sum of two degenerate dipoles (« 2D dipole »). We have established a theoretical description which connects the orientation of an emitter and its 1D or 2D nature to its polarization behavior. We have shown that the angle between the dipole and the optical axis can be extracted from the degree of linear polarization (provided that the theoretical relation between these quantities is known (fig. 2c), by a model which must include in particular the emitter optical environment and the objective numerical aperture). We applied this method to the study of CdSe/CdS nanocrystals (2D dipoles ; synthesis B. Dubertret) (fig. 2b) and to dot-in-rod CdSe/CdS nanorods (1D dipoles ; synthesis L. Carbone), as well as nanorods oriented by a liquid crystal (collaboration E. Lacaze).

Fig. 2 : An example of orientation measurement for a CdSe/CdS nanocrystal (a) Experimental setup schematic and definition of the angles, (b) result of the experimental polarization analysis, (c) theoretical relation between the degree of linear polarization \delta and the angle \Theta. The conclusion of this measurement is that \Phi = 49° and \Theta = 51°, with 4° uncertainty on each angle value.


Collaborations :

- Benoît Dubertret at LPEM (ESPCI, Paris)

- Pham Thu Nga at l’IMS (VAST, Hanoi)

- Alberto Bramati at LKB (Paris)

- Luigi Carbone, NNL, Istituto Nanoscienze-CNR, (Lecce)

- Emmanuelle Lacaze, INSP

- Jean-Pierre Hermier, GEMaC


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