Institut des
NanoSciences de Paris

Synthèse et optoélectronique de nanocristaux à faible gap

Emmanuel Lhuillier

The group is working on the synthesis of narrow band gap (lead chalcogenides) and semimetal (mercury chalcogenides compound) with optical properties in the infrared. We also aim to develop new materials with similar optical feature but with reduced toxicity. This part of the activity is conducted in close collaboration with Sandrine Ithurria at laboratory LPEM at ESPCI.

PNG Left : Tem image of HgSe nanocrystals. Right : Infrared spectra of doped nanocrystals

We use these narrow band gap nanomaterials to develop the next generation of low cost infrared devices. We in particular interest to the study of these material in a phototransistor to study their photoconduction properties under field effect.