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Training periods offered in M2 2017-2018

Training periods M2
StageResponsableMots clésStages de l’équipeDescription complète
« Dirac Fermions in 2D Materials beyond Graphene »Marie D’angelo (INSP) et Iwao Matsuda (ISSP)ExperimentalSpectroscopy of Novel Quantum States
« Optoelectronic properties of narrow band gap nanocrystals »Emmanuel Lhuillier (INSP)MixedChemical Physics and Dynamics of Surfaces
« Atomic Layer Deposition of Al2O3 »Ian Vickridge>Jean-Jacques Ganem (INSP)ExperimentalNanometric Thin Films : Formation, Interfaces and Defects
« Opto-acoustic assisted by nano-objects for high resolution »Laurent Belliard (INSP)ExperimentalAcoustics for Nanosciences
« Superconductivity and charge density waves in the 2D limit »Matteo Calandra (INSP)TheoricalSpectroscopy of Novel Quantum States
« Role of quenching in plasmonic nanogaps, from electric to magnetic dipoles »Mathieu Mivelle (INSP)...Nanostructures and Optics
« Optical sensor for the detection of nanoparticles »Catherine Schwob (INSP)ExperimentalNanostructures and Optics
« First-principles simulations of the adhesion of ultra-thin Silver films on Oxide Substrates »Fabio Finocchi (INSP)TheoreticalLow-dimensional oxides
« Plasmonic nanoparticles for molecule sensors in aqueous media »Yves Borensztein (INSP)ExperimentalPhysico-chimie et dynamique des surfaces
« Perovskite nanocrystals for hybrid photovoltaics : proof of concept »Nadine Witkowski (INSP)ExperimentalPhysico-chimie et dynamique des surfaces
« Time and space-resolved magneto-acoustics »Laura Thevenard (INSP)ExperimentalNanostructures and Quantum Systems
« Semiconductor quantum dots for integrated quantum technologies »Valia VoliotisRichard Hostein (INSP)ExperimentalNanostructures and Quantum Systems
« Coupling an optical nano-antenna to the fluorescence of rare-earth ions »Laurent Coolen (INSP)ExperimentalNanostructures and Optics
« Nuclear quantum effects on protons in hydroxides »Philippe Depondt, Fabio.Finocchi (INSP)théoriqueOxydes en basses dimensions
« Modelling the quantum behaviour of nuclei in condensed matter »Fabio.Finocchi, Simon Huppert (INSP)théoriqueOxydes en basses dimensions
« Design of QLED »Emmanuel Lhuillier (INSP)MixtedChemical Physics and Dynamics of Surfaces
« Exploring the superfluidity of two-dimensional dipolar excitons »François Dubin (INSP)ExperimentalNanostructures and Quantum Systems
« Electronic Raman Spectroscopy of rhombohedral graphene »Florent Perez (INSP)...Spectroscopy of Novel Quantum States
« Dynamical analysis of quantum dot growth on nano-membranes »Jean-Noël Aqua (INSP)TheoricalChemical Physics and Dynamics of Surfaces
« Cavation of confined fluids in nanopores »Annie Grosman (INSP)Experimental and TheoricalNanometric Thin Films : Formation, Interfaces and Defects
« Combining optical and electronic properties of single gold nanoparticles »Olivier Pluchery (INSP)MixtedChemical Physics and Dynamics of Surfaces
« Acoustical spin current generation »Pauline Rovillain (INSP)ExpérimentalAcoustics for Nanosciences
« Enhancement of optical activité in metallic nanostructures for the detection of biomolecules »Bruno Gallas (INSP)ExperimentalNanostructures and Optics
« Structural colors in circular polarization »Bruno Gallas (INSP)MixedNanostructures and Optics
« Electronic and spin properties of perovskite materials »Maria Chamarro>Frédéric Bernardot (INSP)ExperimentalNanostructures and Quantum Systems