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Training periods offered in M2 2017-2018

Training periods M2
StageResponsableMots clésStages de l’équipeDescription complète
«Dirac Fermions in 2D Materials beyond Graphene»Marie D’angelo (INSP) et Iwao Matsuda (ISSP)ExperimentalSpectroscopy of Novel Quantum States
«Optoelectronic properties of narrow band gap nanocrystals»Emmanuel Lhuillier (INSP)MixedChemical Physics and Dynamics of Surfaces
«Atomic Layer Deposition of Al2O3»Ian Vickridge>Jean-Jacques Ganem (INSP)ExperimentalNanometric Thin Films : Formation, Interfaces and Defects
«Opto-acoustic assisted by nano-objects for high resolution»Laurent Belliard (INSP)ExperimentalAcoustics for Nanosciences
«Superconductivity and charge density waves in the 2D limit»Matteo Calandra (INSP)TheoricalSpectroscopy of Novel Quantum States
«Role of quenching in plasmonic nanogaps, from electric to magnetic dipoles»Mathieu Mivelle (INSP)...Nanostructures and Optics
«Optical sensor for the detection of nanoparticles»Catherine Schwob (INSP)ExperimentalNanostructures and Optics
«First-principles simulations of the adhesion of ultra-thin Silver films on Oxide Substrates»Fabio Finocchi (INSP)TheoreticalLow-dimensional oxides
«Plasmonic nanoparticles for molecule sensors in aqueous media»Yves Borensztein (INSP)ExperimentalPhysico-chimie et dynamique des surfaces
«Perovskite nanocrystals for hybrid photovoltaics: proof of concept»Nadine Witkowski (INSP)ExperimentalPhysico-chimie et dynamique des surfaces
«Time and space-resolved magneto-acoustics»Laura Thevenard (INSP)ExperimentalNanostructures and Quantum Systems
«Semiconductor quantum dots for integrated quantum technologies»Valia VoliotisRichard Hostein (INSP)ExperimentalNanostructures and Quantum Systems
«Coupling an optical nano-antenna to the fluorescence of rare-earth ions»Laurent Coolen (INSP)ExperimentalNanostructures and Optics
«Nuclear quantum effects on protons in hydroxides»Philippe Depondt, Fabio.Finocchi (INSP)théoriqueOxydes en basses dimensions
«Modelling the quantum behaviour of nuclei in condensed matter»Fabio.Finocchi, Simon Huppert (INSP)théoriqueOxydes en basses dimensions
«Design of QLED»Emmanuel Lhuillier (INSP)MixtedChemical Physics and Dynamics of Surfaces
«Exploring the superfluidity of two-dimensional dipolar excitons»François Dubin (INSP)ExperimentalNanostructures and Quantum Systems
«Electronic Raman Spectroscopy of rhombohedral graphene»Florent Perez (INSP)...Spectroscopy of Novel Quantum States
«Dynamical analysis of quantum dot growth on nano-membranes»Jean-Noël Aqua (INSP)TheoricalChemical Physics and Dynamics of Surfaces
«Cavation of confined fluids in nanopores»Annie Grosman (INSP)Experimental and TheoricalNanometric Thin Films : Formation, Interfaces and Defects
«Combining optical and electronic properties of single gold nanoparticles»Olivier Pluchery (INSP)MixtedChemical Physics and Dynamics of Surfaces
«Acoustical spin current generation»Pauline Rovillain (INSP)ExpérimentalAcoustics for Nanosciences
«Enhancement of optical activité in metallic nanostructures for the detection of biomolecules»Bruno Gallas (INSP)ExperimentalNanostructures and Optics
«Structural colors in circular polarization»Bruno Gallas (INSP)MixedNanostructures and Optics
«Electronic and spin properties of perovskite materials»Maria Chamarro>Frédéric Bernardot (INSP)ExperimentalNanostructures and Quantum Systems